A woman attempted to prank her former co-workers by wearing the same Hawaiian shirt to hundreds of Zoom meetings, but the joke ended up being on her.

The resident of Washington, D.C., whom Inside Edition identified only as “Jackie,” said she wore the shirt to 264 remote meetings between April 2, 2020, and June 16, 2021.

“I was like, wouldn’t it be funny if I wore this shirt again? Like that’d be a funny joke and everyone would say something,” she told the show.

Sadly, no one said anything. 

“And then I thought, well, I’m going to keep doing this until someone notices, and no one ever noticed,” she said.

Keeping the gag going despite the lack of reaction wasn’t easy, Jackie said.

“I had some real ups and downs. Like the first month, I was like, this is really funny. Then it’d be like, oh, I’m still wearing this. And then it’d be funny again,” she said.

This woman wore the same Hawaiian shirt to 264 Zoom meetings with co-workers, she told InsideEdition.

Jackie finally spilled the beans about her shirt on her last day of work.

The reaction was … not what she expected.

“When I told my team that I had been wearing the same shirt, they didn’t know what I was talking about. They hadn’t noticed,” she told the Daily Mail. “The intern literally said, ‘On purpose?’ So, there’s that,” Jackie said.

Based on a recent TikTok post, Jackie seems more surprised that people are noticing now.

However, she told Inside Edition she has yet to wear the shirt to her new job.


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